Friday, April 23, 2010

First Post

This blog will attempt, someday, to test the theory that "Bacon makes it better." I, and associates, will be including bacon in various types of food, activities and whatever else we can think of. If a few people find it entertaining, mission accomplished.

Here's the inspiration for this blog..the first picture is a Bloody Mary made with bacon infused vodka from Genie's in Portland, OR and the second is a maple topped bacon bar from Voodoo Donuts, also in Portland.

Because I can..

Gotta love those cowbells. Wait! This blog is supposed to be about bacon and not 70's rock music..actually it is about whatever I want. Enjoy the music, have a few drinks and do a burnout down your street..

Tip of the day:

If you want bacon incense in your house and you have no bacon..throw a pork shank in a pot of water and let it simmer for awhile. Of course, if you don't have any bacon..why the fuck would you have a pork shank laying around?

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